une histoire familiale choisie incontournable à faire au Cap d'Agde

The first little train was inaugurated in 1952 by our parents, a new way to discover Cap d'Agde with the family

Un histoire familiale pour faire vivre les petits trains et offrir des balades de des découvertes à faire au cap d'Agde

Prenez le temps de la détente en réservant vos places dans nos petits trains et découvrir notre belle région

Our company has obtained the Quality Tourism label as recognition for a new activity to do in Cap d'Agde

Quickly the historical comments accompanied the visits of the coast in the evening

De nombreux vacanciers ont découvert l’histoire du Cap d’Agde, sur la géologie et son evolution à travers le temps

Two circuits are emerging, along the Richelieu beach and the cliffs, this is something to do in Cap d'Agde

The technical evolution of locomotives and wagons has been progressive in order to offer modern and comfortable means for tourist visits around Cap d'Agde

Pendant 20 ans, l’ensemble de la famille s’est investi pour promouvoir notre activité au Cap d’Agde autour des petits trains

A third circuit is open to small trains, that of Mont Saint Loup

Par la suite notre famille a décidé d’élargir la gamme de nos prestations en s’orientant vers les groupes, privatisation et évènementiel

Pour la formule groupe, la possibilité d’effectuer des visites du Cap d’Agde en petits trains associées à des activités au choix

Une formule de visites en petits trains est proposée aux groupes scolaires pour les écoles primaires et maternelles

La privatisation pour une location d’une journée de nos petits trains est envisageable pour les entreprises

Enfin, pour les marchés de noël, inaugurations, fêtes locales ou mariages, nos petits trains sont à votre disposition en location

Vous cherchez avec votre famille ou amis une activité à faire au Capt d’Agde, réservez vos places dans nos petits trains rouge et blanc

In 1982, Cap d'Agde was very different

Une idee de genie

 • Leisure Island only existed because of the presence of the carnival, and this barely developed piece of land symbolized the western limit of the city. Aqualand, the districts of Richelieu and Rochelongue did not yet exist.
 • It is thanks to an English tour operator that the little train welcomed its first passengers, by shuttling between their residence and the beach. Despite this assured contract, it was not enough to make the company profitable. And to complete this transport service, our father had a revolutionary idea for the time: to offer evening guided tours of the city to other holidaymakers in Cap d'Agde.
His intuition was correct!

Toute la famille participe a l'aventure

 • The following year, the activity becomes mainly the discoveries of the city. The little train runs from morning until evening, our father holding the steering wheel on one side and the microphone on the other. In 1984, the ticket sales kiosk moved permanently to its current location, with our mother who ran the cash register there, regularly accompanied by the youngest of the family. 90% of the turnover was made by the visits.
 • In the following years, Cap d'Agde continued to grow along Richelieu Beach, along with the 2 circuits which now last 45 minutes each. The company is reaching its cruising speed and is supporting our little family peacefully.

A gradual increase in range

Le petit train grandit en meme temps que Le Cap d'Agde

 • Fitted with the famous VW petrol engine borrowed from the Beetle, replaced in 1988 by 2 new latest generation vehicles. This qualitative choice was risky, but the bet paid off! In 1989, the Mail de Rochelongue emerged from the ground and the circuit expanded towards this new district. In the 1990s, our father was tempted to install a small train in Agde and then in Grau d'Agde. But it was a disappointment: not profitable enough.
 • In 1998, Stéphane, the eldest son of the family joined the company and will not leave the wheel until today! He was joined in 2007 by his little brother Olivier to take over the reins of the Petits Trains du Cap d'Agde, with the parents always there to watch them in case...

2007, a new impetus for the company

Les enfants prennent la suite

New communication, new commercial policy, new historical and audio-scripted commentaries, renewal of the 2 small trains in 2009 then in 2016 etc. All this is concluded by obtaining Quality labels recognizing our daily work to offer you a quality activity. We are proud to be the first small train company to obtain these distinctions. In 2012, we welcomed our millionth travelers and in 2016, we inaugurated a 3rd circuit: the Panorama du Mont St Loup. Finally, as if to close this family story, on March 18, 2020, the founder of the Petit Train du Cap d'Agde, our father, joined the sky. And we hope that from up there, he is proud of what his work has become and of the handover to his children.

Always involved in the profession

Le gout de l'interet general

In 1995, our father was one of the founders of the union of small road train companies (SEPTR), and became its first President. He thus participated in the 1st regulation governing our profession. In 2010, his son Oliver in turn joined the bodies of this union recognized by the high authorities of the State. Since 2020, he has also been its President, trying to work in the general interest of operators and to offer letters of nobility to a profession which has evolved remarkably over the past 40 years. Long gone are the days of shorts and tap dancing in a locomotive with a VW beetle engine. But that was another era.

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Our promise

Vous proposer bien plus qu'une visite du Cap d'Agde

Today, everyone (well almost) knows the little train. It is a fun activity for children, enriching for adults, friendly for families, practical for seniors and fun with friends. It is fun. It's offbeat. And it's for all ages. What to do in Cap d'Agde during the holidays? Definitely the little train!

But we want to offer you much more than a visit to Cap d'Agde. We will do everything to ensure that your experience of the little train is truly a great holiday memory.

So that you, as the best parent in the world, can share a family activity, together reunited. What could be better than seeing happiness sparkle in the eyes of your children and immortalizing it in your photo album?

So that you, adult coming as a couple or with friends, can leave having discovered unsuspected things about the region and learned surprising anecdotes to tell during an aperitif; or simply take the time to have a nice chat with the driver. What's better than a great vacation?

So that everyone leaves with lots of pleasant images in mind. Short…

On the way to live a great holiday memory!

promise successful visits in the little trains of cap d'agde memories of holidays tourism